We win new Health, Beauty and Wellness Award!

Thank you so much, Lux Magazine, for awarding us Best Herb Based Skincare Range Somerset Lux, a quarterly publication, has created the 2017 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards to celebrate the leading lights of the health, beauty & wellness sector: "Those whose innovative ways, tireless efforts and dedication has seen them achieve incredible accomplishments over the past 12-months and we believe that such success deserves an accolade to match." Discussing the awards, Awards Coordinator Emma Keen said: “It has been a genuine privilege to be able to showcase the hard work, talent and commitment of firms and individuals from across...

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Bee-friendly buzz

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Bees: there’s a lot of buzz around bees because they are responsible for at least one third of what we eat. Without them the human race is more than likely doomed.  They are the busy little creatures who pollinate our trees, fruit, vegetables, flowers and all things green.  They give us honey and beeswax. They show us how to build and organise when we bother to study them. And here at Little Herbs we love them because they produce the gorgeous wax we use in so many of our products. Wax which turns oils into ointments, which preserve our healthy...

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Make your own delicious fragrances for your home

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My best friend absolutely loves fabric conditioners and room fresheners with names like Floral Clean or Airy Heaven. But for me, they spell hell. Last time I stayed with her, I couldn’t sleep, never mind that I was dog-tired. Long into the night something was agitating my senses, something cloying that simply would not fade and I realised that the bed linen, all crisp and beautifully ironed by my dear old pal, smelled. Of fabric conditioner. It was sweet, sickly, and nasally penetrating to an alarming degree. I had to find my dressing gown and drape it across the end...

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Baby Balm - the best a babe can get!

Babby Balm and Bobby Oil. babies babies' bottoms Baby Baby Balm baby routine baby skin care balm barrier bath bathe calendula chamomile chickenpox chickweed children comfortable cradlecap easily absorbed healing healthy herbs ingredients Litle Herbs little herbs marigold Nappy nappy rash natural skincare organic oil softens and moisturises soother soothes irritated skin soothing wet nappy wetness

Banish nappy rash with Little Herbs gentle 100% organic Baby Balm.  Promotes healing and protects delicate skin. This pure and simple salve uses a blend of three traditional herbs (chamomile, calendula and chickweed), known for their healing, soothing and calming properties. Chamomile is well known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and gently sedative properties. Calendula (you might know it as marigold) has impressive anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, as well as skin-soothing and healing powers. An all-rounder, it can reduce itching, redness, pain and swelling of insect bites and rashes, soothes sunburn, cuts, scrapes and dry or chapped hands. Finally, chickweed...

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Christmas! Parties! Want to look your best?

It's that time of year again - get-togethers and parties and a lot of strain on the purse. But looking your best isn't just about dosh and how much you spend on beauty products. If you want to look good, there are plenty of ways of giving your skin a boost and getting yourself looking your best. Skin likes vitamins and particularly Vitamin-C which freshens up your complexion almost instantly. You can use any one, or several, foods to make marvellous washes and face masks. Think berries of course, blueberries,raspberries, including strawberries (which aren't really berries of course), mangoes, avocados,  kiwis,...

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