Berry nice too: find health in the hedgerow

basil cloves colds coughs crab apples elderberries flu ginger hawthorn healthy honey natural Organic parsley plantain remedies rosehips rosemary soothing thyme winter savory yarrow

Early winter brings beautiful frosty mornings but, oh dear, those days of rain and fog are grim. So too are all those annoying bugs that lay you, and the children, low with colds and flu.  There are, though, ways to stop them. Out there in nature are rafts of plants that can set you up nicely for winter health threats: rosehips (perfect to pick after the first frosts have struck), crab apples , elderberries and blackberries, hawthorn and oak bark. There is plenty of yarrow (Achillea milefolium) and Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) around in the hedges and edges, all very useful in...

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The wonders of Soothing Salve

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This is, without doubt, an all-purpose wonder-salve!  It's made very simply with just four ingredients (and I don't know about you but I like to keep things simple and pure, whether I'm cooking or making skin care. I don't then have to worry about ingredients reacting against each other or, indeed, not understanding what each ingredient's task is - but that's me. Simple minded.) The blend of oils, apricot kernel and sweet almond, is crucial. Both are nurturing and full of nourishment, rich but absorbent, packed with vitamins and all that leads to skin healing. To thicken the oils, I've...

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We win new Health, Beauty and Wellness Award!

Thank you so much, Lux Magazine, for awarding us Best Herb Based Skincare Range Somerset Lux, a quarterly publication, has created the 2017 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards to celebrate the leading lights of the health, beauty & wellness sector: "Those whose innovative ways, tireless efforts and dedication has seen them achieve incredible accomplishments over the past 12-months and we believe that such success deserves an accolade to match." Discussing the awards, Awards Coordinator Emma Keen said: “It has been a genuine privilege to be able to showcase the hard work, talent and commitment of firms and individuals from across...

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Bee-friendly buzz

bee deaths bee-hive bee-keepers beekeepers bees beeswax colony collapse edible honey local honey nectar organic plants skin-friendly skincare products

Bees: there’s a lot of buzz around bees because they are responsible for at least one third of what we eat. Without them the human race is more than likely doomed.  They are the busy little creatures who pollinate our trees, fruit, vegetables, flowers and all things green.  They give us honey and beeswax. They show us how to build and organise when we bother to study them. And here at Little Herbs we love them because they produce the gorgeous wax we use in so many of our products. Wax which turns oils into ointments, which preserve our healthy...

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Make your own delicious fragrances for your home

aromas aromatics herb scents herbal aromas home fragrances natural aromas perfumes room fragrance scents

My best friend absolutely loves fabric conditioners and room fresheners with names like Floral Clean or Airy Heaven. But for me, they spell hell. Last time I stayed with her, I couldn’t sleep, never mind that I was dog-tired. Long into the night something was agitating my senses, something cloying that simply would not fade and I realised that the bed linen, all crisp and beautifully ironed by my dear old pal, smelled. Of fabric conditioner. It was sweet, sickly, and nasally penetrating to an alarming degree. I had to find my dressing gown and drape it across the end...

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