For Baby

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You and your baby need to happy and safe.

Especially during a truly wonderful time in your life.

The delicate skin of babies (and prenatal mums of course) needs gentle care and careful nurturing.
To do that it makes sense to use simple products. Skincare that you can easily understand. Skincare that contains nothing phoney, or harmful, that has no chemical preservatives, no additives or manufactured colourings - and no cheap fillers.
Simplest is best. We use the fewest possible to do the intended task. We use the very best ingredients we can find - and only the purest organic oils, the gentlest herbs, and the most luscious beeswax.
As a result, a little goes a long, long way.
Little Herbs are full of nature's bounty, to help your body, and your baby’s, do its natural best.