About us

We've been making organic botanical skincare for grown-ups at Great Elm Physick Garden for more than a decade. As we became mums, with young children, we started the search for skin care that was safe and gentle for our little ones delicate skin. Little Herbs was born. We still develop and make all the products. 

Our skincare is free from:

  • chemical preservatives including parabens, laurates, Triclosan, etc.
  • colourings or synthetic aromas
  • mineral oils, lanolin or alcohol 
  • fillers or thickeners
  • any meat, fowl, fish or shellfish products
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • irradiated raw materials

Skin absorbs at least 60% of what you put on it - so we keep wondering why anyone would put something on her/his skin that she/he wouldn't be willing to eat (okay, so skincare products may not tempt the taste buds - but we think you know what we mean!).

  • Little Herbs skincare relies on tradition, with modern science to back it up.
  • We use simple recipes, with ingredients that are good enough to eat. 
  • We favour the English country garden because we know we can rely on its produce, its history, and its ethos.
  • We love its herbs, flowers, seeds and bees which provide the best and the purest ingredients.
  • We ALWAYS use certified organic ingredients. 
  • We ALWAYS tell you exactly what is in each product.
  • Our Consultant Medical Herbalist checks each recipe, working in accordance with standards set out by the National Council for Medical Herbalists.
  • Little Herbs skincare is not tested on animals - only on willing volunteers.
  • We insist on similar standards from our suppliers.