Apple Island: the home of Little Herbs

Every Little Herb has his or her own story, and a special song.

You will find a story inside the lid of each box you buy.

You can listen to every Little Herb song - right here on this website - when you take a closer look at each Little Herb.

But ... before you go ... here is the story of Apple Island, in the warm heart of green, green Somerset.

It was another sunny day on Apple Island. To tell you the truth, it is always a sunny day on Apple Island, because on Apple Island it only ever rains after bedtime and before getting-up time. Another interesting thing about Apple Island is that although there are apples, pigs, rabbits, chickens, pears, blackberries and very good trees for climbing, there are no stinging nettles and no parents. You are probably wondering how this must be. Well, it's quite a relief not to be stung when you're least expecting it, I can tell you. Oh, and not to be told when to have a bath, or to pick that up, or not to pick your nose, or to finish that cauliflower, or to keep your elbows off the table, or to go and clean your teeth, or to stop pinching your brother. On the whole, Soothing Sal, Babby and Bessy Balm, Bobby Oil, Billy Butter and Tommy Rub like it, even if their manners can sometimes leave a bit to be desired, particularly in the nose-picking department. And sometimes, too, they think it would be quite nice if they could have a hug from someone who always knows the answer to "Why?", even if it's only "Because it is". And they especially think it would be nice when it's Billy Butter's turn to cook. Even the pigs don't like Billy's porridge, and the chickens have refused to give him any more of their eggs since that disaster with the dock leaf flan. Even Tommy Rub didn't quite clear his plate that day. But Billy does make everybody laugh with his terrible jokes, and Soothing Sal and Bobby Oil can always be relied upon to make things better when Babby Balm and her bossy sister Bessy fall out. And because this is Apple Island, there is always lots of lovely food ready and ripe on the trees and bushes. Would you like to hear one of Billy's terrible jokes?

Very well, you asked for it. "Why was the sand wet?" "Because the sea weed". I told you.