Baby Oil for massage and bath

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Our Baby Oil is created from the gentlest blend of vitamin-rich oils – perfect for your baby's massage or bath to keep your baby's skin in peak condition. 

Pure, healthy and skin-loving, this gentle blend of nourishing seed oils offers your baby nothing but happiness. It is light, non-sticky and gently absorbent so it creates the perfect ‘glide’ necessary for the delicate task of baby massage. There are no added perfumes, essential oils or preservatives, which can irritate a baby’s skin.

Sunflower oil is well tested for babies. Premature and very young babies can be at increased risk of nasty infections because their skin is under-developed and lacks full barrier protection.  A study in the renowned medical journal The Lancet shows that anointing the skin with sunflower seed oil helps restore this barrier to reduce the incidence infections.

Rosehip seed is nature's miracle oil. It's packed with goodness – vitamins galore, trace elements and Omega 6 and 3 to heal and restore. It keeps skin well-nourished, healthy and can help protect your baby’s skin from dryness well-nourished, healthy and can help protect your baby’s skin from dryness.

Tocopheral (Vitamin E) oil contains essential fatty acids as well as being useful in preserving the freshness of oils. .

Baby massage holds a number of benefits, both emotional and physical for premature babies. (A spokeswoman from the premature baby charity BLISS)

"I bought this oil for a very premature baby (born around 7 months). I am told by his mum that it is simply wonderful and the baby loves it! Would definitely recommend." Joanne G., Dartford.


Baby Oil comes from Apple Island in Somerset. It is always a sunny day on Apple Island, because on Apple Island it only ever rains after bedtime and before getting-up time. It's a magical place full of wonderul characters - Babby Balm, Soothing Sal, Bobby Oil, Tommy Rub, Bessy Balm, Bertie Butter -  who have lots of adventures with the rabbits and other animals in among the flowers and along the riverbanks.  


Listen to Bobby Oil's song here ...


Then read about Bobby Oil sneezing on a hen when you open your Baby Oil box!


  • Perfect for baby massage and baby bath time.
  • Can help to deal with cradle cap or other annoying dry skin patches.


  • Simply warm a few drops of the Baby Oil in your freshly washed hands to give your baby a delightfully soothing massage.
  • Always work towards the heart in slow sweeping movements.
  • Alternatively place a few drops of our Baby Oil in your baby's bath.


  •  Babies.from birth, and little ones.

Ingredients: Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed oil*, Rosa canina (rosehip seed) oil*, Tocopheral (Vitamin E) oil*. NOTHING ELSE. *certified organic ingredients 

  • Always test patch a new product before general use.
  • Does not contain nut oils but has been prepared in an area where there are nut oils.
  • Store in cool, dark, dry conditions.
  • 50ml glass bottle.



Little Herbs. Pure skincare for babies - and their mums.

With love from Apple Island in Somerset.

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