Breast Balm for soreness

Little Herbs


Our incredible Breast Balm provides instant relief to sore, cracked nipples and delicate distended skin and can aid rapid repair.

This balm is made of a gentle blend of skin-loving, healing, nutritious oils of the first quality, all pure and organic and all Mother and Baby friendly.

Sore nipples are one of the most common reasons new mothers give for stopping breastfeeding, often during the first week of nursing.  But now our healthy help is available! Nipple soreness can be caused by breastfeeding, as well as a number of other ailments, such as dry skin, rashes, local infections, puberty, PMS, menstruation, post-ovulation, pregnancy, or menopause. This Breast Balm can be useful in tackling these difficulties. But if symptoms persist you should consult your doctor or medical herbalist.

Our Breast Balm is made with generous quantities of wonderfully restorative rosehip seed oil, which is full of vitamins and goodness, along with almond and apricot kernel oils, also packed with Omega 3 and 6 and masses of vitamins and trace elements that promote skin health and healing.

The oils are given a bit of body - and extra healing properties - with the addition of beeswax. Beeswax helps to preserve this balm in its fresh state, makes it easier to handle and helps to smooth the balm onto nipples - and ensures it stays there!



Breast Balm comes from Apple Island in Somerset. It is always a sunny day on Apple Island, because on Apple Island it only ever rains after bedtime and before getting-up time. It's a magical place full of wonderul characters - Babby Balm, Soothing Sal, Bobby Oil, Tommy Rub, Bessy Balm, Bertie Butter -  who have lots of adventures with the rabbits and other animals in among the flowers and along the riverbanks.  

Listen to Bessy Balm's song here...


Then read about Bessy Balm's bossiness when you open your Breast Balm box!


  • To ease and comfort sore or itchy nipples and soothe breastfeeding tenderness.
  • Keep general breast skin healthy and well-nourished while familiarising yourself with your breast's anatomy - as suggested by health experts.


  • Smooth on to nipples as often as required.
  • Use as a daily massage for breast health.


  • Nursing mothers with babies from 4 weeks old

What our customers say…..

“This has been a bit of a life-saver for me. My nipples were incredibly sore and sensitive – and it felt as though my baby had vampire teeth rather than gums. My husband bought this brilliant Breast Balm and it worked almost immediately.”  Sally M., Scotland.

"My daughter is delighted with the Breast Balm. It has provided her with much needed relief." Emma J., Wavertree, Liverpool

Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil*, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil*, Rosa canina (rosehip) seed oil*, Mel (honey)* Cera alba(beeswax)*. NOTHING ELSE. *certified organic ingredient

  • Always test patch a new product before general use.
  • Contains nut oils.
  • Store in cool, dark, dry conditions.
  • 50ml glass jar.


Little Herbs. Pure skincare for babies - and their mums.

With love from Apple Island in Somerset.



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